String Theory

I have a new dilemma, now,
How to perfectly tie my shoes?

Just Right OCD has reverted my ability to tie my own shoes 😧.

Also I have a fairly advanced stage of athlete’s foot,
Which doesn’t even hurtβ€¦πŸ˜;

I can’t feel the athlete’s foot for the eczema;

If a toe falls off from athlete’s foot and there’s nobody around to feel it,
Did it even happen?
Unfortunately, yes.

…What was that I said about treating hygiene OCD?


7 thoughts on “String Theory

      1. I’ve got anti fungal cream πŸ˜„. I’ve got too many active ailments to be worried about a new one πŸ˜†. Turned out I was a huge risk for it when I read what can cause it, so I can change some of those habits. Ultimately those factors came from adapting to live in one room, but I can mitigate most. I appreciate the concern!

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