Surviving In Hell

I'm still in hell,Remember,Stop judging everything; If you thought that this summer,You'd finally accomplish more,You were expecting too much,Too soon; Besides,All seasons are equal,In their merits; The barriers and obstacles and difficulties,I'm already overcoming,Are immense, It's easy to forget,When you have high standards,Expectations,And optimism, Why does that have to be coupled,With so much rumination? Why … Continue reading Surviving In Hell

The Influencer’s Prayer

Let us give thanksFor our daily stimulationAnd remember our LordWho suffered judgement, persecution and cancellationSacrificing his eternal privacyFor our everlasting sanctity from boredom In the name of our LordWe like, share and subscribe Like, share and subscribe Entertaining Of The 5,000 His followers answered: "Where could we get enough content to entertain such a crowd?" … Continue reading The Influencer’s Prayer

Licensed To Party

What a fascinating spectacle…How to define in lawA social occasion? Can you defend your gatheringWas it a partyWas it a dinnerWas it a work meetingDid you play Hungry Hippos? When does a meetingBecome a partyAnd when does a partyBecome a meetingTherein lies the built-in, implicit needFor discretion and subjective judgement But that doesn't hold up … Continue reading Licensed To Party