Fear Of Conditionality

In the end I opened myself up even more and explained even more directly my paranoia of them becoming frustrated with me about me not being able to get stuff done, which as I'd mentioned was an irrational fear with the person I was dealing with, who is a natural empath. As irrational as I … Continue reading Fear Of Conditionality


I'm…freaked out! I was checking my camera recordings just to see if the bin men came today (rather than just check the bin πŸ˜‚), then randomly noticed there were tons of recordings this evening so looked at a couple to see what they wereβ€” just a lot of people walking or driving past today. I … Continue reading Dismembering

More External Stresses 2

…Continued from previous post. Email exchange with letting agent after the office manager took over from the previous person: In this scenario, your own space is quite suitable for you rather than shared accommodation. I do not have problem in helping you to find one for you. Thanks, I completely agree that having my own … Continue reading More External Stresses 2