Stay Of Execution

I was looking forward to having a relatively good weekend,I was on the up again for a few days,But the person from Salvation Army's been phoning spontaneously again,Rather than the pre-arranged calls I originally requested; And they asked me for the thousandth timeβ€”When is it you're 35 again?Because that's the milestone that makes me deserving … Continue reading Stay Of Execution

Closing In Again

I feel the wallsclosing inagainHuman stampedesup and downthe hallwayDisrupting me fromthe final outletThe endless universeof writing and creativityThe laststrandof proactive hopeSaving me, fromthe abyssal void of empty days without a planFor this activeproactiverestless mindThat is the truest hellThere is nothing l o n g e rthane m p t y timeWith no beginningand no e … Continue reading Closing In Again

A Frustrating Week

Difficult week,Obsessed with end-of-the-world scenarios, Don't get me wrong,I've always been interested in those, But after collecting together all supporting letters in support of me having my own place,Ticking off all the items on the checklist the council person gave to me, I heard…nothing,Then…nothing,Until the person from the Salvation Army who liaises with both,Said to … Continue reading A Frustrating Week

Up On The Gallows: PART 2

Could you guys make room for a third up there?That's it…shuffle along! (Can I just grab an extra stool, please? Thanks),Just plop yourself on there…that's it; Rightβ€” any last words!?Landlord, you first… I…I…n-n-need to m-m-make a phone call! And who would you like to call? The c-c-council! Ok…it's ringing and on speaker… He's growing weed! … Continue reading Up On The Gallows: PART 2

Up On The Gallows

Landlord, hiβ€”What are you doing here? First time? Wh-wh…what? He's had me up here already,But do you know what he did? …What?? He shipped me here to Mars, But…why, why are we here!? Lower gravity; In one-third gravity your body weight alone is not enough to break your neck,So you choke to death, slowly. (You … Continue reading Up On The Gallows

Knock Knock Knock…

It happened, againβ€”I was there in my room,When I was suddenly disturbed,By a knocking sound on the window, knock knock knock……knock knock knock…… And I thought to myselfβ€”Perhaps if I ignore it for long enough, it'll disappear,So I put on my ear defenders over my earphones,And waited a while… After around 30 minutes,I took the … Continue reading Knock Knock Knock…

Always There, Always Dank

The medication is working well again, today,It's been ineffective for the past several days,So I was finding it easier to get going,After writing my last poem; I went to the shop, wanted to move swiftly on,Went out of my room to have a showerβ€”Zombie is in the kitchen,On the phone, making noise,No way I'm going … Continue reading Always There, Always Dank