Erasure Of Disgust

Sometimes, when I see something so disgusting,I can't stop bringing it back to mind,Nor do anything else,Until I've found the 'right' way to reconcile this with the world; In fact, now I remember writing about this on here before;Anyway, there are times in survival mode I am able to numb myself to such things,Other times … Continue reading Erasure Of Disgust

Dare To Hope

Daringtohope… Whilsttryingnot to; Could itreallyhappen…this time? I've collected 8 documents in support of my need for my own placeβ€” from charities who've helped me, a GP, a community mental health nurse and a psychiatrist (my autism and OCD diagnosis reports). It is in the council's hands now, as they have done another 'homelessness risk assessment' … Continue reading Dare To Hope

Ding Dong

The infestation of housemates is being rooted out,All with an eviction deadline of 4th October, The stampiest housemate (replacement zombie) and partner are gone,At last,Carrying out chests in the middle of the night… The second most stampy housemate (and the most arrogant and toxic),Has also left two weekends before,Just one remains (the one above me),Only … Continue reading Ding Dong

A Crying Shame

I'm taking a riskβ€”The floor could absolutely quake at any moment,My entire world would shake,Through the seat I'm sitting on,Through my feet on the floor,Through the solid desk my hands and arms are resting on,The computer screen I'm looking at could sway back and forth,The microphone arm could shake,My plants could quiver as the shock … Continue reading A Crying Shame

A Moon’s Perspective

The evicted moon had rendezvoused with a pair of co-orbiting gas giants,An unlikely permutation in the cosmic dance; Don't you worry, they said,Behind you lies chaos and entropy,Ahead lies…well, yet more chaos,But in amongst it lie regions of relative order,Pockets of space, sanity; A hyperbolic trajectory is no state for a planet or a moonβ€”Those … Continue reading A Moon’s Perspective


But it was the foreboding red light of a nearby flaring sun,Giving temporary life and respite to a darkened, dormant world; Like the temperamental star which birthed it,The new ecosystem could not last, as,Brightening over a short time-scale before gradually dimming,The ageing sun exploded, rendering the home system permanently hostile; Its scarred facefreshly irradiated,The wandering … Continue reading Breadcrumbs

I will not rise to it yet still I…

They've gone rogue, out of control, It's now a witch hunt but I'm not a witch, Actually threatening me with eviction and I still don't know what I've done to deserve it; What obstacles are still to come in this story? Tomorrow…I phone Launchpad, and go to the drop-in on Friday, They're the people I … Continue reading I will not rise to it yet still I…