Changes Nothing

I have to rememberHow even in June last yearI was able to find those reasons to keep goingAnd I have to use the same ones nowAs I still await my fateOn where and when I will be housed; Two years of practical accommodation instabilityAlmost one year of actual, hardline instabilityBut the rules are the sameIt's … Continue reading Changes Nothing

House Of Horrors

What if they won't believe me,Now that things happen to be cleaner? The new Salvation Army helper,Knows only of the current state of things; Oh, two years of horrendous experiences,Indescribable imagery flashing before my mind's eye,All I can offer is examples,Struggling to form the sentences…How can you describe that? What if they won't believe me,Now … Continue reading House Of Horrors


"Ohh we've got flatsWe'll get him in one!" Did you mention it has to be ground floor? "I'll let them know", Offered a viewing'Ground floor' flatLooked it up on streetviewEntryway all full of stepsLooked to my rightMetres awayThe busy dual carriageway πŸ˜‚, Nope, sorry,I'm too disabled for that; "You've got your viewing today!Are you excited?", … Continue reading Unhouseable

Dress Rehearsal

(My PIP tribunal hearing is tomorrow…it was in my calendar as tomorrow the whole time, but on this occasion I was so sure in my memory of it being today that I didn't check beforehandβ€¦πŸ˜†.) At the risk of sounding paranoid…I now look over my shoulder constantly,Whenever going in and out of the house; Whilst … Continue reading Dress Rehearsal

Say Please

Fuck you I can no longer make that runway!I’m going to have to ditch!! RS 1987, please don't be rudeβ€” Alert the coastguard!! …Say please, RS 1987, Please alert the goddamn-motherfucking-coastguard now!!!ARRRRrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!Over and oβ€” ……… …M-my god,I'm s-so glad to see you…th-thank you, thank you!! …What is your name? My name………Is Robin Smith. CAPTAIN ROBIN … Continue reading Say Please

Deadstick Landing

I can literally see a runway off to my right! Ok, stand by for vector…Turn left heading two-niner-zero, maintain flight level one-hundred, And free to use any runway, yeah? … How many souls on board? Just one…me,I repeat this is a Mayday! Negative RS 1987, maintain holding pattern,All runways are currently occupied, But I have … Continue reading Deadstick Landing


Spiralling downwards towards the dark abyss,The overthink alarm was chirping in my cockpit: Too low, terrain,Pull up, pull up,Too low,Sink rate,Sink rate,Overthink,Pull up!! I called in a mayday,And do you know what they said? There's ah a runway available hundreds of miles away,With an ocean and ah a storm in-between,Outside of your uh…fuel limit,And you'll … Continue reading Roger

Erasure Of Disgust

Sometimes, when I see something so disgusting,I can't stop bringing it back to mind,Nor do anything else,Until I've found the 'right' way to reconcile this with the world; In fact, now I remember writing about this on here before;Anyway, there are times in survival mode I am able to numb myself to such things,Other times … Continue reading Erasure Of Disgust