Smartphone Man

In some several thousands of years from now…A grave will be unearthed,A time capsule into ages past re-opened,The body of a prehistoric man revealed; It will be shown that burial practices in the 21st century…In some parts of the world,Dictated that human corpses be buried in the phone position, Stiffened limbs locked into place grasping … Continue reading Smartphone Man

Diyar Planitia

They said that Earth would never find peace,But if Mars could do it,Surely Earth could too, Yes, Earth's civilisation was older,But from this vantage point, barely; A ready-made technological civilisation with an entire new planet's worth of resources available to it?Humans will human;It was all good and rosy whilst it was scientific outposts,Everybody there united … Continue reading Diyar Planitia

Sarandib Planitia

Pillars of water ice arced over the edge of the world,Expanding, fragmenting,Tiny sparks of light joining the frozen oceans of stars above, The ice shard constellations scattered distant light from beyond the horizon,Signalling the final sunrise; Enceladus, In Greek mythology, Enceladus was one of the Giants, the offspring of Gaia (Earth), and Uranus (Sky). Here … Continue reading Sarandib Planitia

Dead Roses

Sepia-tinged fields outside my window,Sun-baked dust eroded and carried aloft,Whirling devils coat grimy, broken glass,Everything washed away with the previous rainfall;Nothing green remains, nothing moves; We only ever wanted,To get through it,We couldn't contemplate the true costs, This scarce, dry world filled with old men and women,With little energy,To do nothing but hang on; We … Continue reading Dead Roses

I’ve Been To An Alternate Reality

Notwithstanding the fact that I've already been to the future of the current reality,And seen that England will first win the European Championship in 2072,I've also popped into an alternate reality where England in fact win it…This weekend; Now,I'm here to warn why it must be so that England will lose this match against Italyβ€” … Continue reading I’ve Been To An Alternate Reality

Early Enceladus

Early Enceladus,Eagerly evolved,Eruptions essayed, ether enlaced,Eons eroded ere evenings eclipsed; Evocative eye, ecliptic earring,Evincing exomoons, echoing Europa; … Encrusted, entombed,Embryonic ecology,Ecological exotica eeking economic existence! Episodic expulsions, ebbing ejecta,Evicted extremophiles embarking extended exodus; … Egalitarian emissaries elliptically encaptured,Earlier eras encoded, exposedβ€”Entire epilogues expressly expounded… Exultant epiphany!Evolution evidenced,Enceladites, everywhere,Enduring…even Earth. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash πŸŒͺ