Counting To Avoid Infinities

Is it a possible strategyβ€”Prescribing a specific number of repetitionsβ€”In order to combat Just Right OCD? I'm not talking about things which only need to be done once,But things like applying roll-on deodorant;(Hygiene OCD!?) It's funny because this works,Funny because at other times OCD prescribes exactly this counting in nonsensical scenarios,Prescribes symmetry where it is … Continue reading Counting To Avoid Infinities

It’s Behind You!

I was watching The Silence Of The Lambs in the middle of the night,When it hit meβ€”OCD is Hannibal Lecter; Doesn't OCD seek weaknesses to exploit?The slightest crack, the smallest opportunity,Looking to gain some control over the situation? Even once you've pushed it to the back of your mind,When you think you've got it into … Continue reading It’s Behind You!