Hi RobinI notified them that I had discussed it with our tenancy relations officer who confirmed they’d need to have served a s.8 as you are protected from The Protection from Eviction Act 1977. Otherwise this is harassment or an illegal eviction.I will do a referral to our tenancy relations officer and request she contacts … Continue reading Bingo

No More Words

It was funny how even now, not much had changed;Funny, terrifying, surreal,It would be hard to sum it up in words,Complex emotions we'd never expected to feel;All the same, at some fundamental level we'd remained blissfully, wilfully unaware,These final few months; As the sky began to blot out,The darkening, growing shadow falling across the upper … Continue reading No More Words

An Expensive But Valuable Lesson On Security

Yesterday I learned an embarrassingly expensive but important and valuable lessonβ€” Changing your own door lock is incredibly simple. All you need to do is replace the cylindrical lock chamber, which requires only a screwdriver. They've been designed to be effortless to change which has the effect of enhancing your security, as I found out. … Continue reading An Expensive But Valuable Lesson On Security

Cosmic Freedom From Mundanity

I want to soar amongst the stars and the planets and the moons,Envisioning possibilities of the Universe, exotic wonders of reality,I want to gaze backwards and forwards through time at will,Dwelling on the providence of life and the Universe and why it's all there; Then I am brought crashing back down to Earth as I … Continue reading Cosmic Freedom From Mundanity