Dreams 10

We left humanity behind and opened up the galaxy,Sampled star system after star system,Worlds, moons,Aerial ecosystems and archaic oceans, But all we found were shared ancestries,A single common origin,Rooted so deeply in time that we could only wonder, Wonder about questions whose answers could only be found by reaching still further,Into the depths of that … Continue reading Dreams 10

Depths Of Blinking OCD

Another of my sporadic essay comment replies turned into a post :): Uh what are you doing, counting your blinks? Sort of! Blinking compulsively, simply to satisfy an urge to blink and precisely because I don't want to keep doing this exaggerated, one-eyed, purposeful blinking because it causes eye and head aches, makes my vision … Continue reading Depths Of Blinking OCD

My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence

I'm trying to remember to avoid writing essays in peoples' comments sections and turn them into posts instead :). This post is just my personal philosophy and own conclusions to such philosophical questions. If we really take it to heart that anything can happen at any timeβ€”and this is true, no one can deny thisβ€”why … Continue reading My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence