My External Demands

Today I went to the doctor with Sarah from Stepping Forward, to ask the doctor to write me a letter summarising all of my health issues and how the combination of them affects me. We wanted this for 2 things: PIP application and my upcoming court hearing. We wrote a draft letter with all the … Continue reading My External Demands

Best Yet

New Salvation Army personIs the best yetAnd I said that the previous time! From the first few sentencesI thought she's fully on the ballThen she even reassured me that, explicitly: "I'm fully on this, don't worry,I don't mess around,We'll do the CAF on Tuesday,I'm usually pretty cheeky with those,(Meaning she'll tell them to fuck up … Continue reading Best Yet

Dealing With Fear Of Gaslighting

I am so terrified of not being understood, and being blamed, when it comes to circumstances holding me back. Which at the moment are mainly my living environment and OCD, and how the living environment (including lack of daylight) makes dealing with and recovering from the OCD so much more difficult. I've been struggling for … Continue reading Dealing With Fear Of Gaslighting

Transparency, Objectivity, Clarity

I'm going to sayI'm not minimising somethingWhen it's the entire point of my speech I'm going to use verbsWith cult-like associationsTo add fake authority to my words I'm going to pretendThat a different version of objective realityIs true; I don't need a translator, or education in body language, or even wisdom and experience to understand … Continue reading Transparency, Objectivity, Clarity