My External Demands

Today I went to the doctor with Sarah from Stepping Forward, to ask the doctor to write me a letter summarising all of my health issues and how the combination of them affects me. We wanted this for 2 things: PIP application and my upcoming court hearing. We wrote a draft letter with all the … Continue reading My External Demands

Lap Of The Gods

I forgot to mention that as well as having to start a new Launchpad application my Salvation Army support person is changing. 4th person in a year. And again it's happening just as my potential eviction date rushes upon me and having to get the Launchpad stuff done quickly. Communication has dried up. Just like … Continue reading Lap Of The Gods

Dealing With Fear Of Gaslighting

I am so terrified of not being understood, and being blamed, when it comes to circumstances holding me back. Which at the moment are mainly my living environment and OCD, and how the living environment (including lack of daylight) makes dealing with and recovering from the OCD so much more difficult. I've been struggling for … Continue reading Dealing With Fear Of Gaslighting

Elections And Engagement

People in the UK are mostly incredibly disengaged from politics or in other words the management of the country and local areas. It's obvious why this happens: Lack of engagement in people around them whilst growing up.An obvious and illogical gap in formal education on the subject starting at school.It's a subject especially rich in … Continue reading Elections And Engagement

The Night When Everything Happened

After finally managing to be more functional I went to the supermarket late at night. I'm always wary going to this one at this time since they have a policy of closing the manned checkouts and leaving only the self-checkouts open, with one person supervising them. A bunch of people turn up to the supermarket … Continue reading The Night When Everything Happened

Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing

Just a hypothetical, imagined scenario based on real-life pandering and apologising for sportswashing and ridiculous decisions… Is it ever possible to clearly define sportswashing? Which countries should be endorsed with sporting events and which not? You could probably discuss a lot of arguments on that but nevertheless I think this particular scenario clearly helps to … Continue reading Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing