Happy ChristmASMR

A friend sent me pictures of themselves on a sunny beach eating ice cream on christmas day. I wanted to respond with something in such stark comparison as to appear satirical, to demonstrate the difference between our christmas day scenes. When I went outside I wasn't disappointed. On christmas day I didn't wake up until … Continue reading Happy ChristmASMR

Leaving Fort Plante

I'm alone in the house, Afraid to leave my room, This house is the least secure place in existence, I've got things to do, though, So I'm going to have to try it, If I you don't hear from me again, you know why 😏. Also call Forensic Files and make sure I'm an episode, … Continue reading Leaving Fort Plante

Oh No, It’s Mr. O…Ho-Ho-Ho!

Ho-ho-ho!This Christmas…Come on down to a Mr. O outlet near you,Where Mr. O's Catering Company has all the supplies you need! Whatever the compulsion,Whatever your subtype,We. have. the. solutions!Mr. Oβ€” catering to obsessive compulsions since 1879! …And now, for 2020…Kidsβ€” It's time to say no to Santa's Grotto…And yes to Mr. O's big fat O,Our … Continue reading Oh No, It’s Mr. O…Ho-Ho-Ho!