I Thought There Was A Body…

I thought there was a body in the room above me,Any day now…The juices will come on drippin' down, I thought there was a body in the room above me,The windows are open,Since early last June, I thought there was a body in the room above me,But then I heard tremendous banging and stomping,As the … Continue reading I Thought There Was A Body…

Why Detaching From Somatic Obsessions Is So Damned Difficult

How to forget a damned somatic obsession?A conscious awareness and control of blinking?Of breathing?Or other internally-defined and incessantly-noticed body states? The longer you can take your focus away from it,And onto something else,The more chance you have of forgetting it, BUT,Why is it so hard?Even for me, it's impossible to reconcile having been caught up … Continue reading Why Detaching From Somatic Obsessions Is So Damned Difficult

Mental Health Spaces

Well…I've finished my project,Of becoming self-sufficient,β€”I no longer need anything from the house,Except resupplies of water; Once every few days, I undertake a lonely voyage,Walking the long path through wastelands, aghast,(to the kitchen/bathroom),Carrying my empty jugs; The mental health benefits, so far,Have been enormous!I no longer care about the state of the house,β€”It's none of … Continue reading Mental Health Spaces

The Four-Headed Monster

It's got foouur heads!Why has it got four heads!!? 😫Grandad!? I'm scared! It's the four-headed monster…Of Devil's Homestead! The wat? Legend has it that four monsters,(Each representing one of the fundamental terrors of humankind),Merged into one ultimately hideous, abominable creature,But,Nobody has ever seen it,And lived to tell the tale… Oh my shitβ€” Yes,Oh my fucking … Continue reading The Four-Headed Monster


I am pure existence,Merely slogging through an interstitionary phase,Extended and extended, as it's been,Through combinations of circumstances, Antidepressants help to keep me going,Stop me from going crazy,And allow me to do at least some things,Such as this,But it's a surreal time; The dosage will need increasing again,Once this one loses effectiveness,Like a life-jacket with a … Continue reading Existence

Everyone’s A Winner!

Ladies and gentlemen,Boys and girls…Monsters,And,Zombies! Okayβ€”There are zero of those in the first two categories present here…We have only… monsters,And,Zombiess!!! What do we have…? … Well!?Come on! M–m–m-m… Spit it out, spit it out!We haven't got all day,We've around ten minutes, in fact,Before my next appointment!What are we…?? M-m-monsters! And…? Z-z-z-z-zombies! Yes!And what happens to … Continue reading Everyone’s A Winner!