Dumbing Down

My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,I'm dumbing down,I'm losing braincells, My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,Turn a wide-open day,Into hours of anxiety and OCD; All of that potential for feeling good,To work towards goals,"Tomorrow's a new day",Until it isn't, And there's no way to reason out of it,Since it's all for nothing,It's all just the … Continue reading Dumbing Down

A Frustrating Week

Difficult week,Obsessed with end-of-the-world scenarios, Don't get me wrong,I've always been interested in those, But after collecting together all supporting letters in support of me having my own place,Ticking off all the items on the checklist the council person gave to me, I heard…nothing,Then…nothing,Until the person from the Salvation Army who liaises with both,Said to … Continue reading A Frustrating Week