The Irony!

The irony; I sometimes wonder…If the easy and open way in which I talk about my mental health struggles,The blunt, curated insight I have into them,The clarity of my mental list of steps to tackle them… Does it ever come across as disarming or evendisingenuous,To people who live outside in the world with all the … Continue reading The Irony!

A Paragraph Which Says A Lot

I followed up my email with this: A big difficulty I've known I would have with finding my own place is that I'm not going to be able to get a good reference from my current letting agent, given the irrational abuse and harassment they subjected me to, even physical assault, accusations of growing weed, … Continue reading A Paragraph Which Says A Lot

Dumbing Down

My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,I'm dumbing down,I'm losing braincells, My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,Turn a wide-open day,Into hours of anxiety and OCD; All of that potential for feeling good,To work towards goals,"Tomorrow's a new day",Until it isn't, And there's no way to reason out of it,Since it's all for nothing,It's all just the … Continue reading Dumbing Down

Last-Ditch Email To The Council/A Brief History

This is why I can't manage another year of shared living, no matter the result of the PIP application: When I first moved in here, the house was in great condition and for the first few weeks it was peaceful and clean enough, especially as I was regularly cleaning. However once Lamin and Julie (who … Continue reading Last-Ditch Email To The Council/A Brief History

Post-Trauma Patience

When living post-trauma,And especially whilst still in a stressful environmentJust doing things, even simple things, can be incredibly difficult; You plan to do things…Then find yourself hours later, finding the energy to get up to do it,Wondering why or how you haven't done it yet,And what you even did do instead; But the truth is, … Continue reading Post-Trauma Patience

A Crying Shame

I'm taking a riskβ€”The floor could absolutely quake at any moment,My entire world would shake,Through the seat I'm sitting on,Through my feet on the floor,Through the solid desk my hands and arms are resting on,The computer screen I'm looking at could sway back and forth,The microphone arm could shake,My plants could quiver as the shock … Continue reading A Crying Shame