I'm going to diagnose myself with something else,I think I have SUPβ€” Seasonal Uplift Phenomenon,It's the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder; And SAD lamps are the worst-named devices in history,I suggest they be called SUP lamps instead,A hat and scarf for the seasonally-challenged; The Summer is almost worth it for the feeling of pure joy … Continue reading SUP

Happy ChristmASMR

A friend sent me pictures of themselves on a sunny beach eating ice cream on christmas day. I wanted to respond with something in such stark comparison as to appear satirical, to demonstrate the difference between our christmas day scenes. When I went outside I wasn't disappointed. On christmas day I didn't wake up until … Continue reading Happy ChristmASMR

Hushed Autumn

Oh, the silences…!With the darker evenings of Autumn,Freezing temperatures,Pouring rain,The cars are much sparser,Along with emotional strain; It always bemuses me,How come so many peoples' choices are so dependent on the weather?Cycle to work,Except when it rains,Go out at night,Revving your ear-raping engines,But only when it's warm and bright,What's that all about? πŸ€”; Anyways,I can … Continue reading Hushed Autumn

What Just Happened

Oh wow, what happened,I finally overcame stress and OCD and procrastination,With all the challenges that I'm facing,I'd collapsed again, The support I was getting hasn't been reliable lately,But thank god for new friends,Who are, And I overcame all of that and finally got out again,Went out on the scooter to explore this nice areaβ€” πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜… … Continue reading What Just Happened

New Telescope Curse Revisited (With Evidence)

Just so nobody's in any doubt at allβ€”The 'new telescope curse' is real,(Extreme polaric weather variations triggered by buying and receiving something, with great anticipation, which allows you to finally do an outdoor activity,For which good weather is required or which is vastly enhanced by good weather); Spot the difference: It's in French but never … Continue reading New Telescope Curse Revisited (With Evidence)

New Telescope Curse

Damn,Very sleepless, the last few days, And last Friday, the realisation,I could be making use of the backgarden,Now; For in winter,It was a cesspit of rain water,And cigarette-ends, But now the smokers have been more tidy,And the weather's been so warm and sunny, "Lockdown Britain basks in record-breaking April heatwave",(The two were precisely co-occurring!); So … Continue reading New Telescope Curse