Distraction Is An Opportunity For OCD

Distractions can be open invitations,Allowing OCD in and to strengthen, Distractions can be soothing mechanisms,In response to anxiety-compulsion sessions; I am doing a lot of either,And it seems, to me,That one also leads to the other!In both directions; But, I also have the body tics,And they rob me of so much energy and motivation;Distractions are … Continue reading Distraction Is An Opportunity For OCD

Misfit Minerva

I was a planet on the edge of the solar system,Out beyond the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, Difficult to see, shrouded in mystery,I remained undetected throughout most of antiquity; The traces I left, were difficult to find,Requiring great wisdom and something of creativity, Yet there they were, if one looked closely enough,Woven into the … Continue reading Misfit Minerva

When You Can’t Separate From OCD Obsessions

When you just can't forget that idea,Just can't drop it,One more time,You want to perfect it, Go and lie down,Let your brain detach from everything,Don't even try to meditate,Just do nothing and let your mind go vacant,Too exhausted to do anymore! …Then, after a while,You might realise that the obsession has faded in importance,Then jump … Continue reading When You Can’t Separate From OCD Obsessions

Barry The Intern

Wakey wakey, sleepin' beauty!He's having another fucking break!I reckon you've used up all your holiday allowance by now!Send us a postcard from Ibiza, won't ya? Are you a mechanic or a fucking Marine!?If you go any slower, your tea might go fucking cold!Pass us the left-handed spanner-straightener, will ya son?Get out of bed you fackin' … Continue reading Barry The Intern

Slowing The Rot Of Increasing Inequality

How do we stop inequality from increasing?I don't know,But I think there are some important ideas for us individually,Some ways in which we can at least reduce our own contributionβ€” By thinking about what we can do,Over what we have, By thinking about how we can help,Over how we can outcompete, By thinking about how … Continue reading Slowing The Rot Of Increasing Inequality

Goodbye, Than

Rest In Peace,The word 'than',And how much longer,Before you're officially outdated? I saw the warning signs,Early on,Back in the beginnings of the internet, I saw the warning signs,Early on,When it was still but an inconsequential blunder, But then I noticed…The gathering momentum,Usage slipped from blunder towards intention,And we'd crossed a key milestone,On the road to … Continue reading Goodbye, Than