Anti-Vaccine Idiot

Don't wanna be an anti-vaccine idiotDon't want a nation controlled by the mediaAnd can you hear the sound of hysteria?The subliminal 5G mobile data Welcome to a new kind of tensionAll across the vaccination nationWhere everything isn't meant to be okayRing-wing fascist dreams of tomorrowWe're not the ones who're meant to follow'cause my friends on … Continue reading Anti-Vaccine Idiot

Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

Some years ago…when somebody first told me about the phenomenon of 'anti-vaxxers', I was fiercely disbelieving and resistant because I had never known that to be an issue here in the UK. The whole idea was new to me. It was completely standard that you had vaccines as a child, had vaccines in school, had … Continue reading Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

Dumbing Down

My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,I'm dumbing down,I'm losing braincells, My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,Turn a wide-open day,Into hours of anxiety and OCD; All of that potential for feeling good,To work towards goals,"Tomorrow's a new day",Until it isn't, And there's no way to reason out of it,Since it's all for nothing,It's all just the … Continue reading Dumbing Down

My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence

I'm trying to remember to avoid writing essays in peoples' comments sections and turn them into posts instead :). This post is just my personal philosophy and own conclusions to such philosophical questions. If we really take it to heart that anything can happen at any timeβ€”and this is true, no one can deny thisβ€”why … Continue reading My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence

Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Since becoming inspired by Planterina on youtube I've had the goal of eventually being surrounded by an indoor jungle, because why not? All it takes is the right plants to start with, enough of them and time (not your time, but free time from the universe)! So far my jungle's been more of a vertical … Continue reading Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Salacious Succulents 🌡

I wasn't initially a fan of succulent plants, as most of the ones I saw looked unappealing. I also couldn't see the point in cacti, which looked ugly and painful to me. Where's the value in having a ball of spikes sitting around? πŸ€” But then I noticed some 'aloe cactus' plants on Amazon, and … Continue reading Salacious Succulents 🌡

Fourth Literary Dimension?

Should've,Could've,Would've…everybody, ever Yeah, yeah…Would've,Should've,Could've,…But you didn't.everybody's manager I've been searching the ether for additional possibilities to this common expression,(Because I like collections and sets),And discovered a possible fourth oneβ€” Goa'uld've (i.e. aliens have done it); Example usage: Yeah whatever mate…Should've,Could've,Would've,Goa'uld've,…But none of that is of any use to me, is it?β€”So fahck off back to … Continue reading Fourth Literary Dimension?

Smartphone Man

In some several thousands of years from now…A grave will be unearthed,A time capsule into ages past re-opened,The body of a prehistoric man revealed; It will be shown that burial practices in the 21st century…In some parts of the world,Dictated that human corpses be buried in the phone position, Stiffened limbs locked into place grasping … Continue reading Smartphone Man