Toilet Headlines

Leading toilet paper manufacturers have criticised the UK government for not doing enough to stir up 'toilet paper panic' amongst the public, following reports that packets of premium toilet roll still remain on shelves in some supermarkets. The government has responded by imposing indefinite national lockdown from next Thursday onwards. You couldn't make it up! … Continue reading Toilet Headlines

I’m Not Going

I'd pUt mY oWn FaMiLy On iT! These words ring out in your head,As you look down at the boarding ticketβ€” 737 MAX; (The max, the max,It's the 'MAX' that does it!Standing blatantly as it does, for MAXimum profits); Oh the connotations that name conjures up…Whatever you do, from now on,It'll always be synonymous with … Continue reading I’m Not Going

Open Return

Rumination's creeping back in,β€”There we go,If I want a metaphor for the bones-in-back-garden story,That's the thing which I have in the closet,In the bulky sports bag stashed under the bed, And I guess the emotions are quite similarβ€”This gnawing feeling,Twang of dread reigning back any positive emotions,Replacing them with guilt and shame; I just have … Continue reading Open Return

Bricking It

I secretly love it when a big technology company,Accidentally 'bricks' everyone's machines (even when I'm a victim!); The big upgrade, announced with great fanfare,Is unbeknownst (yet) to you,Entirely premature…! 'Making the world a better place',One OS update at a time!We're going up a whole major version number, boys!Who's buying? The very next day…All of that … Continue reading Bricking It

My Mental Health Podcasts

I really want to give credit to and share three mental health podcasts which have inspired me over the last few years (in the order in which I started listening to them!): Faster Than Normal β€” I really like its ADHD-friendly speed and length of episodes! And there can be some really funny anecdotes with … Continue reading My Mental Health Podcasts

Reaching Out

There is nothing more humbling than hearing the difficulties of others,Than being the person whom somebody else is turning to,Hearing another's tears, as they're experiencing something you've felt, It's shattering, heart-breaking, a helpless feeling, I would go to the ends of the Earth to help somebody out of it,To listen to them talk about it,Anybody; … Continue reading Reaching Out

Creative Moments

Creativity,Anchors me back into reality; When there are so many internal mental forces,Dictating where my time goes,β€”Once I've come out of one particular brain state,Whether it's anxious, unfocused, lethargic, When trying to follow structure involves too many demands at the moment,When lacking a structure leaves me feeling empty, once I can snap out of OCD, … Continue reading Creative Moments


What to do,When family is stalking you?When after too much trauma,You cannot hear from them? When you don't want to share anymore of yourself,Even when it's passive,Via observing your creations; Damn, damn, damn; I tried to cut the contact,Cut it cleanly,To separate myself,From that external dΓ¦mon, "Intercision was the process by which a human was … Continue reading Intercision